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Attendance Stats

Below is an attendance graph for the 2008/09 season. Also shown is the average up to that game, and last season's averages (home and total) up to the same game.

See notes below for further explanations, notes and caveats.

Average attendance: 2108    
Average home attendance: 1587    
Highest total attendance: 2887   Exeter City, League Two, 25 October 2008 (game 7).
Lowest total attendance: 1554   Grimsby Town, League Two, 10 February 2009 (game 15).
Highest home attendance: 2001   Aldershot, League Two, 26 December 2008 (game 12).
Lowest home attendance: 1197   Grimsby Town, League Two, 10 February 2009 (game 15).
Highest away attendance: 1278   Brentford, League Two, 23 August 2008 (game 2).
Lowest away attendance: 65   Accrington Stanley, League Two, 04 October 2008 (game 5).
League-only average attendance: 2132    
Match Number Day Date Opposition Attendance Home Support Away Support Alternative Source
1 Saturday 09/08/2008 Chesterfield 2237 1717 520  
2 Saturday 12/08/2008 Brentford 2815 1537 1278  
3 Saturday 13/09/2008 Morecambe 1776 1679 97 Morecambe Report
4 Saturday 20/09/2008 Bury 1995 1670 325 Bury Report
5 Saturday 04/10/2008 Accrington Stanley 1899 1834 65  
6 Tuesday 21/10/2008 Wycombe 2258 1451 807  
7 Saturday 25/10/2008 Exeter City 2887 1907 980  
8 Saturday 08/11/2008 Rochdale (FAC R1) 1782 1427 355  
9 Saturday 15/11/2008 Notts County 1934 1596 338 Notts County report
10 Saturday 22/11/2008 Macclesfield 1579 1493 86 Macclesfield report
11 Saturday 13/12/2008 Gillingham 2248 1253 995 Gillingham report
12 Friday 26/12/2008 Aldershot 2729 2001 728 Aldershot report
13 Saturday 17/01/2009 Dagenham & Redbridge 2366 1840 526 Dagenham Report
14 Tuesday 27/01/2009 Shrewsbury Town 1568 1206 362 Shrewsbury Report
15 Tuesday 10/02/2009 Grimsby Town 1554 1197 357 Grimsby Report

Apart from the league-only average these figures also include cup games (not Herts Senior) and any play off semi final.

Last season's stats
Average attendances since 1965/66

The following plots are shown:

Home Support: The Blue bars at the bottom. The number of home supporters (but see note below).

Away Support: The maroon bars at the top. The number of away supporters (but see note below).

Combined: Any green bars. This is the total attendance if the away suport (and hence the home support) is not known at the time of preparing. This will usually be shortly after the game. Note that some of the stats above cannot be updated when only the combined average is known. These are the: average home attendance; highest home attendance; lowest home attendance; highest away attendance; lowest away attendance.

Running Average: The pink line. The average total attendance up to that match number.

Last season's average: The yellow line. Last season's average total attendance up to that match number. See note below.

Home Average: The brown line. The average home attendance up to that match number.

Last season's home Average: The green line. Last season's average home attendance up to that match number. See note below.

All averages are the mean.

The away support is taken from the match programmes, unless indicated otherwise. Where these figures are not given (or not yet available) the whole column is green.


Away Support
The Home Support is assumed to be the overall attendance, less the Away Support. This might sound unncecessarily pedantic but I am assuming there are some mixed areas not included in the away figure (I think the Family Stand is mixed? And away supporters are admitted into the Main Stand?)

Last Season's Average
There are rarely exactly the same number of home games season to season. This is mostly down to how many home draws we got in cups, and the amount of progress made in the same. It can also be down to numbers of teams in the league changing (eg promotion/relegation).

Where there are more games this season I usually start doubling up some of the previous season's games towards the end, and note from which number this applies (using the same figure two games running). Where there are fewer games this season I usually start skipping some of the previous season's games towards the end, noting which numbers this applies to. I ensure that the last game of each season is used for the final figures.

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